For our first official show coverage from Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, I was excited to attend the buzz show of The 1975 co-headlining with The Naked and Famous. During The 1975 a seemingly endless amount of teenage swooning was occurring and it was great to see the audience so engaged with the band and excited to see their performance. In the end, I didn’t quite understand the swoonfactor. Although I suppose I’m not quite the demographic. The band sounded fine and frequently spoke to the audience as the open shirted singer Matt Healy strutted around stage drinking directly from a bottle of red wine. Their songs however seem to mesh together having similar tempos and similar tone. The performance overall was flat.

The Naked and the Famous, who closed the night, seemed in direct contrast. Where The 1975 seemed tired, TNAF were dynamic and captivating. Dressed in all black, the band members not only bantered to the audience but seemed to elicit a dialogue. Where the previous set’s banter seemed rehearsed, The Naked and Famous appeared genuine.

Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers, the two fronting vocalists, led the audience through ground swells of chanting choruses. The building momentum would suddenly crash into rock out frenzies and end with the solitary tone of a single synthesized note leaving the audience stunned. Their sound was well produced and contained an element of grittiness that made the delicate vocals with bombastic and thrashing guitars all the more captivating. Missed by most I’m sure, a favorite memory was of a two fans holding hands screaming the lyrics while rhythmically jumping up and down. The two seemed joyful and exhilarated however one had more vertical ability than the other and dragged the other up and down to the beat of the music. In this spoiled week of Coachella overflow in Las Vegas, one fan was overheard stating “that was the best show I’ve seen all week,” while leaving the carnival inspired surroundings of Brooklyn Bowl.

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