Tuesday night Edmonton’s Purity Ring, supported by Braids and Born Gold, concluded their lengthy nearly 4 month tour traveling through Europe and across the US ending in Las Vegas at Brooklyn Bowl. Purity Ring’s sound can be described as electro synth pop performed by duo Corin Roddick and Megan James. Their songs feature beats more typically heard in EDM and hip hop but with the added texture of James’ ethereal vocals, plant them firmly in the indie rock world. While the recorded songs convey a more relaxed expression, the live performance take on a more dynamic approach with forceful beats attacking to create a hard hitting experience supported by equally unique and sensory filled hanging beaded light production.

Fans celebrated the intros to nearly every song, reciting the lyrics as if they had been preparing for weeks. James’ style seem to be out of a fantasy movie placing her somewhere between the 80’s classics Legend and Willow while Roddick supplied the loops and beats most memorably by drumming on crystal shaped pads arranged as a free standing barrier around his rafter. The crystals appeared to illuminate and perform beats when struck but something in the timing of the lights and sound left questions of their actual function. Purity Ring has no plans of slowing down in support of their sophomore LP Another Eternity with dates planned in Australia, US cities and western Europe through November 2015.
– Benjamin